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To make CPD more engaging, accessible and valuable for all.

To improve the CPD experience in healthcare, and support better patient outcomes and career prospects for all health professionals.

An online CPD platform that makes learning fun and easy for users, while being cost-effective and hands-off for providers.

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Kaitlyn is a serial entrepreneur, experienced enterprise sales executive and rare disease advocate.

Her primary role is as the Chief Executive Officer of Eduvidd, an online CPD platform for all healthcare professionals. Kaitlyn was diagnosed with Multiple Sclerosis in 2018 and is deeply passionate about improving our healthcare system after her own poor experiences.

She has been the recipient of the Chief Entrepreneur Innovation 2020 awards, the Startup Catalyst Silicon Valley Youth Mission, BDO State to Scale program, BDO Female Acceler8tor Program and the Advance Queensland SPARK Female Founders program and has featured as a keynote speaker for multiple government and pharmaceutical events.

Kaitlyn’s mission is to make learning in healthcare more engaging and effective, to bring about better staff and patient outcomes across the world with Eduvidd and her continued advocacy work.

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