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Sensor tech for diabetics

Helping diabetics take control of their foot health.

We want to improve the care of diabetic patients through an intelligent data platform that allows patients to take better control of their foot health; and clinicians to help patients achieve better foot health outcomes.

Lower limb amputation in diabetic patients caused by foot ulceration has a significant impact on a patient’s physical health, overall wellbeing, and on the health care system more generally. Sensor Skins provides modern technology to help patients and clinicians reduce this impact.

An intelligent data platform that enables Diabetic patients, and others in the patient care continuum, to monitor their foot health with ease and be alerted to early signs of foot ulceration.

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I’m so excited to be putting world-first friction sensor technology into the hands, and onto the feet, of diabetic patients
Clem Johnson, Managing Director at Reid Technologies


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A venture in establishing Calceus Health, with Reid Print Technologies, Australia’s leading advanced manufacturer of Flexible Printed Electronics, COSM Group, an Australian Management and Growth Firm specialising in driving strategic growth, and Aginic Ventures. Together, these innovative teams are working together to drive better health outcomes for Diabetics through an intelligent data platform and cutting edge sensor technology.

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