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Recognised as a one stop shop for sewing projects. My aim is that my passion and drive for sewing is reflected in the goods that we sell. 

I want to be recognised as the go-to online store for any aspiring clothes maker across the globe to sew their way, with confidence and creativity.

Sewing has surged in popularity recently, which can be partially attributed to a rejection of fast-fashion, combined with a heightened awareness of sustainability and ethics. Knowing where your clothes come from, who made them, and under what conditions, is important to many.

Being able to sew allows people the opportunity to make something that fits their own body really well, while being able to express their individuality and flair. 

Sewing Gem aims to support anyone who wants to sew, no matter their skill level, age, or gender, in sourcing beautiful, sustainable fabrics and tools which make the process of sewing easy and fun.

Sewing Gem is a leading e-commerce haberdashery store, offering a range of sewing essentials ranging from quality fabrics right through to the latest and greatest sewing gadgets on the market. The store also provides amazing learning content to support everyone from seasoned veterans, to enthusiastic amateurs in creating their idea of beautiful, every day!

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It's a great Local business and I love it! Gemma is wonderful to deal with. Her promptness and professionalism makes collecting my online order easy! Thank you Sewing Gem!!
Evee Lindenberg



Gemma began her working life as a primary school teacher and whilst she loved being in the classroom, the arrival of her second child saw her immersing herself in sewing.

She attended many dress-making classes and workshops, whilst reading and practising as much as possible. The idea for Sewing Gem was born in 2018 when Gemma found herself having to shop at the big box sewing stores, without the quality that she would have liked. Sewing Gem was born!

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10/10 for service. Beautiful quality fabrics. Can't recommend Sewing Gem highly enough.
Sharon Rogers
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