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Our mission is to help hospitals work better.

We believe that public healthcare is a basic human right so exist to support hospitals to achieve the capability and the capacity to provide high quality and highly accessible healthcare.

Every large public hospital experiences the same operational service challenges around outpatient clinics, emergency departments, surgery and inpatient beds. Healthcare Logic exists to offer hospitals a better view of their operational performance, through the power of real time analytics.

Through creating revolutionary technology that automates high-frequency, doctor level, web-based capacity and demand analysis to help clinical and managerial leaders optimise care processes. SystemView delivers significant value to health services - it fosters collaboration, empowers teams, and supplies major improvements to patient access and productivity.

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ISystemViewvaluable operationally in how we link the different features of the hospital to ensure we get flow. It's valuable in business cases and planning so we know what we are trying to do by when. It's valuable in performance monitoring - we can see instantly, in real-time, how we are doing on emergency department right through to elective waiting list. It helps bring about a culture of improvement which starts with what you measure.
Metropolitan / Tertiary Health Service, CEO


Prof. Martin

Over almost 20 years Professor Martin Connor,  has held senior academic, executive and strategic management positions in Australia, the United Kingdom, Northern Ireland, Republic of Ireland, and the USA. Considered a thought leader in healthcare innovation, his work has been published in leading journals including the British Medical Journal and Social Science and Medicine. 

Healthcare Logic is a values-based business, rooted in public health service. Martin is focused on building sound and lasting relationships with all stakeholders. He leads a team proudly engaged on relational and technical qualities resulting in a highly diverse, collaborative and supportive culture.

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Prof. Martin
On one screen I can see the risk of people waiting for booking and analyse the conversion rates for the different specialties. Fast, hard data, that is live, enables us to be very agile in allocating the resources where they are needed." Seeing the patient journey from a referral to Outpatients all the way through, being able to use all that information and project risk is really important to the clinicians to know they are providing the right care in the right time frame.
Metropolitan / Tertiary Health Service, Clinical Director- Division of Surgery
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