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a fresh way of teaching

A fresh new way of teaching

I want to inspire kids to build the learning pathways that work for them. By creating new, engaging educational pathways in line with the existing curriculum I aim to remove the barriers to quality education through technology.

We have a unique opportunity to harness the power of technology to engage and inspire kids to build the learning pathways that work for them. Because every child deserves access to quality education. Their future, their way.

Hey Startup! helps students shape their future through gamified, entrepreneurial learning. It teaches the foundations of education through the lens of entrepreneurialism, with learning scenarios tied to real-world business activities. 

For educators, this opens up a fresh way of teaching. For students, Hey StartUp is a more engaging way to learn skills that can carry them forward into the real business world.

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I grew up and went to school on Bribie Island. As a student, I found school to be too ‘easy’ and without a challenge I quickly lost interest.

Being disinterested in school led to me dodging classes, missing assignments, and faking sick days - after all, ‘none of it matters’, right? I graduated highschool at 16 without a QCE and quickly realised that it did matter, all of it, and that I was grossly underprepared for the world as it was.

I was keen to make a change in the world and decided the best way to do that was to tackle the problems that I faced as a student and to help ensure they it didn’t happen to anyone else. A local teacher saw my passion and agreed to mentor me in education pedagogy – that planted a seed that never stopped growing. I got stuck into tutoring, after-school care and volunteering for disadvantaged youth, I did a bridging course to get my QCE and began studying Primary Education.

I then dropped out of university and spent time travelling the world as a private teacher, during this time I focused on learning different pedagogies and approaches to learning. Somewhere along the way I became fascinated with project-based learning and entrepreneurship. What happened next?

You’re looking at it.

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